Sejli Luxury Candles

‘Sejli’ is inspired by a family of brothers and sisters. It is a story of 6 siblings with 6 different personalities.


Each defined by a unique blend of fragrances that truly reflects their personalities.


Grapefruit & Mimosa

This free-spirited bohemian beauty blissfully walks through the meadows leaving an aromatic sweet scent of grapefruit and the warmth of mimosa behind her.


Tonka & Myrrh

This young flamboyant king walks through the crowds with the true power of tonka and bittersweetness of myrrh leaving behind a memorable impression.


Jasmine & Marigold

Sejli epitomises English luxury, the sweet richness of jasmine and graciousness of marigold brings out the simple, yet luxurious side to this English beauty.


Cloves & Roses

A true description of royalty, this queen glides through the crowds with a powerful sweetness of cloves and the tenderness of roses.


Leather & Cognac

There’s never been a truer English gentleman of virtue, the warmth of leather and tobacco and sweetness of cognac always greets you with courtesy.


Honey & Peaches

This young English madam can do no wrong, the sweetness of honey and peaches brings out the fun loving side to this little miss.

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Why Sejli ?

Sejli Luxury Candles are made in the UK using the finest organic wax.

Pure 100% ethically produced luxury.

A lovingly crafted representation of our family, for yours.


About Us

"For as long as I can remember I have had a love for scented candles and fragrances. Sejli, the brand name comes from my childhood nickname, a time of my life that represents simplicity and possibilities.

When it came to bringing my passion for candles and fragrances together, I couldn’t think of a more fitting name that signifies this effortless period of my life."

- Sejal Patel, Owner